Kitchen Remodel

Hi there! So you want to see what we're doing to the kitchen heh? Well here you go. We hope to keep the webpage up to date as we do the work. Enjoy!

First, lets start with a few picture of the kitchen as it originally stood. Some of you saw it in person, but for those who never did at least now you know our starting point.

And now let the fun begin

As you can see, lauren found that she enjoys demolition work. She's particularly adept with a 3 lb sledge and a sawzall.

Luckily she's willing to clean up the mess she makes.

It turns out that Darren enjoys demolition work as much as Lauren does. We actually had some trouble getting him to stop.

Of course I must admit that I contributed my fair share to the demolition as well.

Now, in case any of you are wondering....yes, this is all legal. Look, we even have plans and a building permit...

Now let's get back to the fun stuff...